Finding Your Style

By Eve Thomas

Figuring out my personal style was the most difficult thing I’ve accomplished recently. I was always trying different looks; tomboy, hobo chic, the messy ‘I just got out bed’ thing, and every other look out there. Then one day, I just wanted to be comfortable and causal. I throw on a pair of jeans, a white tee, a statement necklace and a pair of flats….my personal style was created. Over the past couple of months I have perfected the look a bit more; big hair, dark lipstick, and a splash of leopard print here and there. My goal for finding my personal style was to always represent who I was and look good while doing it.
I’m sure there are plenty of other girls who are still searching for their style and guess what ladies; I have a few tips to help you get there. While on my personal style journey, I learned a few key things that everyone, no matter your shape or size, will benefit from:

YOUR BODY- Get to know your body!! Not every body type looks good in certain silhouettes or the way a garment is cut and sewn. Knowing your body type will make shopping much easier and faster because you know what to stay away from and what enhances you.
INSPIRATION- While trying to find my personal style, whenever I saw a look in a magazine, online, or on social media I saved the picture. Even if you only like the shoe or the necklace, save the picture! This is a great way to get inspiration and new ideas for styling things.
COLOR- This is not a major point but it’s important. Remember colors come in different shades and tints. Not all yellows are the same or all blues. Try a colored garment from different brands to see what works well with your skin tone.
BASIC ITEMS- I’m a big fan of having tons of basic items that can be worn time and time again. These items are pieces that can go from season to season or layered with trendier pieces. My list includes: ~Plain white, grey, or black t-shirts, sweaters, or button up shirts.
~ Dark washed jeans
~ Tailored cigarette pant
~ Skirt
~ Wrap dress
BE COMFORTABLE- Now I know pain is beauty but ladies, you have to be comfortable in whatever you wear! Unless you’re wearing a killer heel and only plan on sitting the entire evening, wear things you can move in.
CONFIDENCE- Feeling good in whatever you decide to put on is key. Confidence can take a look from 0 to 100. Most people cannot only see confidence in a person but can also feel it.
HAVE FUN- Don’t take this style thing too seriously. Have fun; mix prints, play with lengths of skirts, add accessories, carry a clutch during the day……just be you! Your may not be for everyone but that’s why it’s YOUR PERSONAL STYLE and not everyone else’s.
TRY NEW THINGS- I never thought I would mix prints but I tried it and fell in love. Style is all about trying new things and making them work for you. Not sure if red is your color? Try incorporating little amounts of red in your look. If you still don’t like it, that’s fine but you tried it.

Always remember style is a reflection of you and how you’re feeling. Your style will change periodically and that’s ok. Remember to have fun with it and always be you. I hope this little bit of information helps and let me know if any of these worked for you.

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