Fired, and Re-Hired

My name is Darrylin Horne, and I’m a 5th year senior at Central Michigan University double majoring in Integrated Public Relations and Broadcast & Cinematic Arts. I love the field of Broadcasting way more of course, but Public Relations is my back up plan. My history in the media field goes back all the way to when I was 16, where I landed my first internship at The Word Network. Since then, I’ve held paid positions at PBS Station, MAC TV Network, and am currently the Digital Media and Video Content Producer of my University. But, the road to my current state was not he easiest.

When I first got hired into PBS Station my sophomore year of college, I was so excited and proud seeing as though students don’t get opportunities like that with out a degree. But, my very first month, I got fired. I was devastated for a while. Then I got another opportunity to be a Producer of a series called “Pleasant Chat” at MAC TV Network, and was fired again. Feeling like maybe this field wasn’t the one for me because I had established so many bad relationships already, I lost all hope and faith in myself as a broadcaster.

But, I knew deep down that I could redeem myself. After crying my eyes out for almost 3 months, I somehow landed a job as a Producer for the University of my college, and I’m back doing what I love most!

No matter what the situation in your college career may be, only YOU determine your success, not others. Knowing that you can achieve things in your life is the biggest step in finding and keeping success. So, once I finally realized that, I’ve never turned back!

If you’ve ever been in my situation, just know that I understand, and I also know that finding another opportunity is totally possible. Stay strong, stay committed, and never let other opinions determine how you view yourself.

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