Fireman salary

Being a fireman can be dangerous. It is a profession that is well thought of by the general public and one of great responsibility. Once you become firemen it is a profession you can have the rest of your life. It is a steady job and the median annual wage is approximately $45,250 as of May 2012. Related protective service occupations make near $36,620 annually.
As this is the median, the lowest 10 percent of firefighters earn less than $22,030. Conversely the top 10 percent of firefighters earned more than $79,150.
The work hours of all firemen are typically long and varied. As a fireman you need to cover your communities 24/7 and this takes rotating schedules. You may be interested to know there is a fire fighters union and most firefighters belong to the union. This union is the International Association of Fire Fighters and is the largest organizer for fire fighters.
The projected growth in the employment of firefighters is lower than the average for all occupations at only 7 percent. But this will probably grow higher in the near future. Our population is aging and will put an increased burden and demand on emergency responders. The elderly use more medical services including emergency services. Fire fighters now respond to more medical emergencies than fire emergencies by 2 out of every 3 calls.
This can be good news for those who took the extra effort to volunteer as a fire fighter. Many of these volunteer fire fighter jobs will be converted to paid positions in areas where the population has grown. When the population grows all needs for full time workers is increased. Consequently as urban areas continue to grow the need for firemen is expected to increase also.

Sources Cited: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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