Fireman Skills


Firefighting takes education and skills.  There will be skills needed by each individual who becomes a fireman. These skills are potentially lifesaving because when you are fighting fires it is not like typing up a company report.

One of the first skills to be accomplished is in communication skills.  Firefighters need to communicate the fire or emergency conditions at a scene to other fire fighters.  Emergency care responders will need stats and info as well.  Not only will you need the shorthand version of codes, you will need to know how to describe locations and conditions specifically.

Communications also incorporates the use of radios, walkie-talkies and other helmet gear audio devices.  You will need to know how to use the devices efficiently.  And more importantly you need to know what to do when electronic audio devices go out.

It goes without saying that firemen need courage.  They confront danger every day.  You will be called upon to enter burning buildings and warehouses.  You will arrive at horrific accident scenes that may require some heroics before you can get at the victims or the fire.

Firemen need to make many decisions in split seconds at every emergency scene.  Decision-making skills require that you make quick and smart decisions while under stress and duress.  To save someone’s life you will need this ability to make good decisions under pressure as you seldom get a second chance.  Time and experience on the job naturally make you a better decision maker.

Physical stamina is needed by firemen who are stationed at disaster scenes for long periods of time.  You will need to treat and rescue victims all hours of the day.

Along with stamina goes physical strength.  Firemen of course need strength to carry heavy equipment and to move debris at emergency sites.  Those water hoses are quite heavy.   Firemen also need to be able to carry victims away from the scene.

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