First Career Job

Congratulations! You’ve survived the years at college and actually managed to graduate. No small feat considering that half the people who attend college drop out. Hopefully you spent your time wisely at school and have found that you have landed your first career job. Here is what to expect.
Dress Accordingly
In today’s work world, dress code can be a bit confusing. Before it was easy; it was business suits, period. Today it can range from the sharpest business suit on the market five days a week (and even a policy of don’t you dare get up from your desk without putting your jacket on) to shorts and flip flops. Hopefully during the interview process you wore a suit or at the very least a blouse, skirt, panty hose (sorry but yes) and nice shoes. During the interview process you should have been looking around very carefully to see what the employees were wearing. If they were wearing suits, then your first day of dressing is easy. Wear a suit. If they were in t-shirts and shorts, you have to be a bit more careful. It’s just not okay to show up super casual the first day; instead, where nice sandals, dark jeans, and a blouse for a pulled together look. You have youth going against you in the work world, so no need to look even younger than you are. Professional but casual is the way to go until you’ve been around for about two weeks. Then you can slip into the casual look if you prefer.
You Will Start at the Bottom
College professors are there to encourage you. They are there to train you for the big picture. They anticipate that you attended college because you are after the big fish management jobs. They also treat you like an equal. Well, the work world is different. You will probably be the youngest in the firm. Because you have not yet earned your stripes, you will start at the bottom. Don’t be surprised if someone asks you to make a copy. This will be startling at first but realize that if you are smart and work hard, it will only last the first few months. If you have the right boss, that person will quickly realize your potential and nurture it.
Learning Does Not Stop at College
Make sure your first career is teaching you. Every day should be a new “ah-ha” moment. Your first job is when all the things your professors were talking about finally gel together and make real world sense.

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