First date makeup advice

Let’s be honest – first dates in general are nerve-racking. First dates in college may be even more so, especially if you and your date share many of the same friends. The last thing you need to worry about on a first date is whether or not you have lipstick smudged on your teeth, or that your face is getting shiny throughout the night.
First date makeup should enhance your natural features – re: it’s not the best time to try out false lashes or a new bright red lip. Your date wants to see you and your beauty, not black eye shadow or the latest bright shades that are in style for summer. The following are a few tips for looking like the best version of you on a first date [or any date, really]:
1. Face makeup: use something that you are used to that you know works. If you don’t have a foundation that you use regularly, try to pick a formula that isn’t too full coverage so that some of your skin still shows through. Even if you still have a few spots or redness after applying foundation, you can spot conceal with a good creamy concealer. To ensure that you won’t get shiny throughout the day [or night], apply a mattifying powder overtop with a buffing brush. You can also bring powder with you on your date for quick touch-ups.
2. Eyes: from personal experience, I have found that guys on the whole don’t love black eye shadow or tons of eyeliner. To subtly enhance your eyes, apply a brown eyeliner close to the upper lash line. This will give the appearance of fuller lashes, and will draw more attention to your eyes. Next, apply a medium brown eye shadow to your crease [if you don’t know where this is, it is the space between your bone and your mobile lid – you can feel the gap with your finger]. Use wind-screen wiper motions to apply this shadow, and blend it in well with a large fluffy shadow brush. Take this same color and apply it to your lower lash line using either a smudge brush or eyeliner brush. To complete the eye look, curl your eye lashes and apply a black, volumizing mascara to top and bottom lashes.
3. Cheeks: don’t go crazy with bronzer on the first date – especially if you’re not used to wearing it [you don’t want to appear as if you rolled around in the dirt!]. Apply a brightening pink or peach blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending upward. For a little something extra, apply a shimmering highlight to the tops of cheekbones [ you can also apply a highlight to the brow bone].
4. Lips: you want your lips to look naturally pink and full [who doesn’t?!]. Start with a neutral pink lip color. Apply this to the lips straight from the tube, and then blend it in with a fingertip for a more natural look. To add a bit of shine, tap a clear or pink gloss overtop with a fingertip rather than applying it with the actual applicator. This will ensure that your lips will look juicy and full, rather than gloopy or sticky.

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