First Date Tips for Dating Novices

Truth time? No one likes going on first dates. They can be so nerve-wracking…the awkward dinner conversation, the question of who pays, what do you wear, and are we going to kiss goodnight? But there are ways to calm down and connect with your new paramour. Some helpful tips follow:
1) Avoid certain conversation topics
This is number one for a reason. It’s the single most important tip of first dates. As a general rule, avoid super contentious topics such as extreme political or religious beliefs and anything too personal. When in doubt, pretend you’re having a discussion with your youngest, coolest professor. Would you still talk about that topic with her? If yes, go for it. If not, stop right there and search for another safer topic.
2) Choose your outfit wisely
Obviously, your choice of clothing depends on what activity you’ll be doing on your first date. A good rule of thumb is don’t wear anything that is too short, shiny, tight or uncomfortable. Show some skin, but not too much. Wear perfume, but not too much. You want the focus to be on you and your best self. Don’t get your date confused or distracted by wearing something outrageous or out of character.
3) Don’t dig for information
You probably don’t know this guy very well. Have some manners and don’t grill him like you’re the new district attorney. If your relationship develops, you will find out all about his family history, how many times he’s moved, why he chose that major, if he wants kids and would he ever live in a third world country. Focus on your chemistry, the ease with which you can discuss neutral topics and if you’re having a good time.
4) Let him know you had a good time (if you did)
Sometimes, us women are so concerned about hurting his feelings that we aren’t as direct as we could be. This can lead to confusion and resentment. If you had a good time, tell him to his face and then pause. Don’t suggest another date. Same actually goes if you didn’t have a good time. Be polite, but firm, in expressing to him that you had a good time, but you are better off friends.

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