Five Minute Makeup

8:00am classes are dreaded in college but, let’s face it, everyone has to experience them at least once. Sometimes it’s easiest (especially after a night out) to roll out of bed, throw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt, situate your hair in some form of top-knot, and run out the door at 7:55. However, if there happens to be someone in your class who you would like to impress, you may want to apply a little makeup in order to conceal a few blemishes or hide under-eye circles. This doesn’t have to take long at all; in fact, by following these steps you can be sure that you will look healthy and glowing (and, most importantly, presentable) in five minutes flat:
1. Base: apply your favorite Cream to your face with fingers – don’t worry about completely covering every single blemish – we’ll deal with that in a moment. Just be sure that the product is blended well onto the face and neck so that there aren’t any lines.
2. Conceal: pin-point conceal on any blemishes with a good creamy concealer, and blend. Use this same concealer to hide any under-eye circles by applying the product in a v-shape underneath the eyes, and then blend with a fingertip.
3. Powder:, and this step is optional – if your skin is on the oily side, you may want to apply a bit of powder through your t-zone to ensure that your face will remain shine-free throughout your day of classes.
4. Define: apply an eye pencil to your upper lash line, making sure that there is no space between the line and your lashes. Smudge this line with a fingertip, and then apply a coat or two to upper lashes only.
5. Brighten: to add a pop of color that will brighten the face, use a pink tint on both cheeks and lips. Tap the color onto the apples of cheeks using circular motions, and then press the product onto the lips for a natural pink stain.

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