Five Minutes to Perfection

If you are looking to shave time off of your morning routine or simply need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for those mornings when you hit the snooze button a few times too many, look no further! We have compiled all the easiest and fastest tricks to have you looking gorgeous in no time.

Go for a Clean and Elegant Updo

If you are running late, you are better off to forgo your shower until the evening. Showing up somewhere with wet hair isn’t the greatest look and it can be downright miserable in cold weather. Dry shampoo is a great thing to have on hand for just such occasions. Find a powder or a spray that you like and keep it on hand. If you have never used it before, give it an experimental run when you have some time on your hands. If you have dark hair, you may be better off with something designed for brunettes so you don’t have to risk rushing out of the house with tell-tale white streaks.

If your hair is shoulder length or longer, hair donuts are the easiest way to look instantly chic. They only take a few seconds longer than putting your hair up in a ponytail and give you a much more put-together look. Like the dry shampoo though, give it a practice run ahead of time if you have never used one. After a couple of tries, you will be able to do it as you’re walking out the door.

Gorgeous and Fast Face

Rather than messing around with a spot and undereye concealer then topping it off with powder, just go for some foundation. You don’t need full coverage. Just dot it on wherever your skin tone looks uneven.

Your eyebrows are important for framing your face so don’t ignore them. Eyebrow pencils can be great but it’s too easy to make a mistake and have to start over. Stick with an eyebrow powder and a thin brush. Just dot the brush over spare areas and you’re done!

If you had a late night, your eyes are likely to be looking a bit dull. Perk them up with a quick curl and a coat of mascara. For an extra eye-opening pop, dab your finger in some white eyeshadow then dot it on the inner corner of your eye. Use a light touch and you won’t even need to blend.

For a bit more color, add on some colored lip gloss. Lipstick can be too time consuming and it’s easy to make a mess of it when you’re in a rush. Invest in a great, bold shade that compliments your skin tone.

If your skin is looking a bit drab, add a couple dots of lip gloss to your cheeks and blend it along the apples of your cheeks. A little lip gloss goes a very long way so add sparingly. If you don’t like the feel of gloss on your skin, make two small dots of lipstick and blend well.

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