College resident assistant

Ashley Clancy is a student at the University of Connecticut studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Psychology. She enjoys people and how they can always keep you on your toes. She aspires to give language back to those who never had it.

Walking into my sophomore year of college I became the one person in college who is feared and hated by many… The Resident Assistant. I’m still very new to the game, but I already feel rewarded and happy having become a person who is respected and a role model for the community. I strongly encourage everyone to try and become a Resident Assistant and I have 10 good reasons why everyone should.
1) Resident Assistant positions are some of the best jobs you can put on a resume. It shows you are a well trusted individual who can be in charge of others. It shows how creative you are as you put on successful programs for you residents. It even shows you understand the rigorous interview process putting you at an advantage.
2) The perks of being an RA are also sweet. You get a single room all to yourself, room and board are paid, and you yourself get paid (colleges vary in pay). If that isn’t good enough, you basically become a legacy. People will remember you for years to come and if it is a positive memories, chances are you changed their life in a greater aspect then every imagined.
3) Your staff will feel like family. They will understand your problems because chances are they will be feeling or going through the exact same thing. It also is a good way to make friends that will last you a life time.
4) Your residents will be yours. You will talk about your floor like you are a small country and they will become some close friends. Yes, some could hate you, but you could have the biggest impact ever in their lives
5) Resident Assistants are fabulous. They are on their game, paying attention to everything, socially advocating for their residents, being a superman or wonder-woman wherever they go. They are people who lead two lives, their social life and RA life. Superhero or heroine when on duty or needed, average Joe or Jane when not on duty or being an RA. It truly is amazing everything an RA has to go through and does for their floor.
So remember to appreciate your current RA and apply to be one. You could be the next super person in someone else’s life.

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