Five Signs He’s Into You

You met this guy your first semester at school. He’s cool, quiet, a part of your social circle. But lately you’ve noticed he seems to be hanging around a lot. And your friends are noticing too. You may be wondering if this particular guy likes you. When it comes to girls, guys don’t usually do things they don’t want to do, so pay attention and you might get your answer.
• He asks you seemingly random questions – Who else has asked you about your dog at home? Did he want to know your middle name? These rando questions may be a sign he wants to get to know you better.

• He tries to register in the same classes – After comparing your schedules with your group of friends, did he try and get into your Chemistry Lab? Could be he is more interested in the chemistry between you and him.

• He texts just to say hi or good morning – Reaching out for connection, this guy is using a generic question to find out more about your life. Respond generally if you don’t feel the same way, but this can be a great opportunity to deepen your communication if you’re interested.

• He jokes around about dating you – Have you caught him talking about dating him in jest? This “joke” probably really isn’t a joke. He’s testing the waters and trying out this scenario to see how you respond.

• He has a nickname for you – Nothing screams intimacy and connection such as pet names. Reaching this milestone means he wants to have a connection with you that only he has established. Pay attention to this one!

• He has asked your friends about you – Have your BFFs let you know he’s asked about you? It might be about your relationship status with a guy back home, or maybe if you are open to dating during the summer.

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