Things to do in College

My name is Wayne Pigott, I’m 21 years old, and I am currently a senior at Colorado State University Pueblo where I am pursuing a degree in Finance with minor in Marketing. I am the Treasurer for a club called Business Minded Individuals and I work for a company called EVRAZ where I do accounting and financial analysis. After I graduate, I am planning to continue to work for EVRAZ and attend graduate school to pursue my Masters in Business Administration. My long term life goal is to eventually pursue a doctoral degree and become a university professor for economics, finance, or marketing. My hobbies include lifting weights, snowboarding, and going to concerts.

1. Join a club! Getting involved with a club can have many benefits, socially and academically. You will meet people who have the same interests and goals as you, its builds your résumé, and can help you stay focused on school. Depending on what kind of club it is, you can meet professionals in your area of study, get connected to academic faculty, raise money for charity, and also plan and attend some fun events!
2. Live in the dorms with roommates. This is usually a given, however if for some reason you are choosing to get your own room or just skip living on campus altogether, you shouldn’t! The dorms will probably be one of the most fun experiences of your life; pretending to be following rules, turning the hall into a prank war, having movie nights, doing homework with hall-mates, and have to somehow survive eating the cafeteria food Living in the dorms you will meet people who you stay friends with for the rest of college and maybe even your life. And as far as the roommate thing goes, this person will either become someone who is almost like family, or your sworn enemy, but will save you money dealing with them for a year. Either way, you will learn so much about yourself and other people that will be valuable knowledge for the rest of your life.
3. Go to class! This one cannot be stressed enough. You (or someone) is paying for you to be there, so be there! It will give the professor a chance to match a name to a face, you will learn more which in turn means studying less( hopefully), and chances are the professor will have a mental note of how often you attend class and you never know if you might be clinging on for dear life at the end of the semester. Bonus tip: Don’t sign up for 8 a.m.’s if you can avoid it, thank me later.
4. Get a minor. Getting a minor will give you a chance to study something you are interested in outside of your major and can add value to your degree at the end of it all. You are required to take a certain amount of electives AKA random classes so you mine as well put them to good use. It doesn’t need the full commitment of a girlfriend, but a little more commitment than a fling.
5. You will always regret not going more than going! If college isn’t the best four years of your life then you are doing it completely wrong. Attend every sporting event possible, every campus activity, every study session, everything that provides free food, every concert, and any and everything that comes up. This is the time of your life that you should be running yourself ragged, you’re young and able with hopefully your only serious commitment being college. Just remember, no one remembers that one time they stayed in and got plenty of rest.

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