Five Things to Know Before Starting Class

You’ve arrived at your college and settled into your dorm. You’re gone through orientation and might have even made a friend. Quite possibly you’ve attended your first awesome college party. Now comes the next big step; the first day of class. Here are a few simple tips to ease into it.

An Assignment Might Be Due Already
Haven’t even started class and have an assignment already? Yep, that’s college. In comparison to high school, where each class had an entire year, college courses only get a semester. Professors have a lot of information to cram into a short time and therefore don’t waste a precious second. Information about pre-assignments can come via email, on the class intranet, or the printed syllabus. Start checking a few days ahead of the first day of class.

Show Up Early
Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily by cutting it close. You’re new to campus and might take a wrong turn. The building might be big and you have to navigate the hallways. Don’t be that person that interrupts the professor’s introduction because you are running late. That and showing up early has its benefits. You have the pick of the best seat in the lecture hall. Also, you have time to take your stuff out to be ready to start taking notes.

Ditch the Notepad – Bring a Laptop
Notepads in college have been a thing of the past for over ten years now. Laptops offer a way to take clean notes that you can easily read later. Plus there is the added benefit of filing them in an organized manner so when it comes time to study for exams, you can find what you need instantly.

Keep Up
Keeping up with a professor who has a lot of information to cram into a short amount of time can be tough. The professor won’t be too thrilled with a lot of interruptions to clarify so concentrate and listen, hard. Jot down what you don’t understand so you can compare notes with a classmate or see the professor during office hours to ask questions.

Classmates are Valuable
When the going gets tough, the tough stick together. Your classmates are going to be one of your most valuable learning resources. Pick out a few as quickly as possible to form study groups, group assignment team members, and note comparing buddies. The information that will be thrown your way, the amount of study time required to grasp concepts, and the assignments that need to be done are just too much for one person to handle. Classmates are the war buddies who will carry you through these times as you negotiate, delegate and get things done together.

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