Fixes for Your Most Common Beauty Issues

Sometimes the solution is easier that you think. Rather than hitting up the local beauty store to find quick fixes, start by considering what it causing the issue. Often a few easy changes can prevent the problem before it’s starts. And, when you are already dealing with an issues, sometimes all you need is a little patiences and the the right cosmetics.

The Issue: Stress.
The Fix: First of all, try to relax! Stress is an inevitable part of life but how you choose to manage it makes a major difference. Try to get in some exercise so that it doesn’t take quite such a toll on your body. Even quick strolls during your lunch break or parking a little further away make a difference. Getting enough sleep is also key to allowing your body to heal itself. If you absolutely cannot get enough sleep, work more with highlights. A little burst at the corners of your eyes and a light dusting swept over your cheeks will wake your face up. Enjoy little luxuries like cooling eyes masks and all-over face masks whenever you can. Don’t rely on them as a solution to a long-term lack of sleep but do keep them on hand for rough nights.

The Issue: Dull Skin.
The Fix: Hydration. Keep your body hydrated inside and out. Get into the habit of drinking water. If you don’t like the taste, add some fruit or natural flavoring. It’s an important habit to get into so keep trying different things until it clicks for you. Keep a humidifier in your bedroom to counteract the effects of heaters and air conditionings. As always, a little extra sleep can go a long way. Chronically undersleeping can wreck havoc on your skin.

The Issue: Acne.
The Fix: Pay attention to all potential culprits. All of those foods that you know are bad for your body aren’t doing your skin any favors either. Sugary and fried foods raise insulin and cause your skin’s oil production levels for spike up. Focus less on looking for acne-curing products and put a little extra effort into your diet. Other things that regularly touch your face like makeup brushes, your cell phone, and your pillowcase, need to be cleaned regularly. A great face wash or treatment can only do so much if you are regularly adding more bacteria to your skin. While cleanliness is important, be careful not to overwash as well. Your pillowcases can probably handle it but your face can’t. When you strip away too many of the natural oils, you cause your skin to go into overdrive. Stick with washing your face only at night. Rinse with just water if you need a pick-me-up in between.

The Issue: Picked-at Skin.
The Fix: You know that you shouldn’t pick at your skin but everyone sucumbs to temptation sometimes. Try your best to avoid it. Stop using magnifying mirrors that cause you to overanalyze your skin. After you have picked at something, leave it alone. You can only make the problem worse. Apply sunscreen to reduce the likelihood of it turning into a scar and avoid all harsh creams and cleansers.

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