Flats are Back

Season after season heels have been the shoe focal point of fashion. This spring, flats are making a comeback. From the runways to celebrity trendsetters, flats are now fashionable. Thank the heavens! Finally footwear that isn’t a pain to wear.
Today flats come in more styles and designs than ever before. From boat shoes to gladiator sandals you can find a flat that compliments almost any outfit. With great weather and outdoor gatherings, spring and summer are the perfect time to let your flats come out of the closet.
One fun way to wear flats is to your favorite outdoor sporting event. Even if you don’t follow major league baseball, chances are you will still venture outside to do some active adventure, and flats are the only way to go. Any women in heels in an arena or stadium looks ridiculous. Don’t stand out in a bad way. Grab attention with cute keds, converse, or boat shoes and you will fit in while still being stylish.
Try finding a pair that has weaving, beads, or even lace. Gladiator sandals with a great pattern show you have style and can be dressed up or down.
Tired of plain $3 flip flops? They look pretty junior anyways. It’s time to step up your style. There are plenty of other options to wear to the beach besides cheap plastic sandals. Try wearing some cute slip ons in a bright color. Once you hit the sand you can easily slide them off. This way you can make plans after the beach without having to bring along an extra pair of shoes.
Whether they are sporty, dressy or fashionably functional, flats are the perfect way to find a balance between comfort and style.

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