Following your dream career

Camila Abisambra is a law graduate from Colombia who recently went into fashion journalism. Her passion for style and haute couture have gotten her positions in fashion magazines like Who What Wear and contributing writing jobs for the likes of fashion designer Bri Seeley. She also runs her own blog: The Geek Chick Blog, where she discusses all the topics near and dear to her heart

When I was a senior in high school I didn’t really know what I wanted to study. I spent hours trying to figure out what I should major in and ended up studying something I didn’t quite like. Instead of going the communications and journalism route, I went with pre-law and for a long time I felt I had made a terrible mistake. Now, after having a couple of months of being a graduate under my belt I can see this wasn’t wasted time and it gave me the kind of structure that has helped me build my journalism career. It also helps me stand out when it comes to sending out resumes and finding my dream job.

Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to pick the right major and to do the “right things” in college in order to get a good job. Whilst it’s a good idea to be prepared and do your research it isn’t the end of the world if you make a mistake choosing your major or if you decided to focus on studying instead of double timing with an internship. It might feel like not following the most ambitious route will end in you failing and not getting a job but I can assure you this isn’t the case.

If you really hate your major, change it! If, like me, you realized when you were about to be done and just couldn’t face the prospect of starting all over again, you can always make a career change after college by getting in some experience in the field you’re actually interested in. What’s really important -and the real take-away from my college experience- is that you should definitely go after the path you want no matter what.

Whether you decided to change it up and go for that business degree instead of engineering or decided to stick to the communications major when you really wanted an art degree, there are always a lot of ways to find a job that matches your expectations and that’s what you should really be focusing your energy on. In today’s digital world it’s so easy to go online and find ways to make your dream career happen. Open a blog, start meetup events for the things you’re interested in, volunteer your time, these are the things that are really going to help you get your dream job more than what you majored in and where you interned. For example, I started a blog last year and it’s gotten me noticed by many independent magazines who tell me they love the passion I have when I write on my blog.

In my experience, work environments today are looking for a candidate that found their own way and did creative things with their time. I started sending out my resume with my blog at the forefront to all the places I wanted to work at, even if they didn’t have an announcement, and I ended up getting an internship opportunity at one of my favorite fashion magazines. Since everyone today can access a computer and build their own passion projects, I strongly encourage you to start doing this. Finding the right path today might even be outside the classroom. In fact, the best thing I learned from college was how to think and problem solve and that’s the way I’ve managed to switch to a communications career path without too much trauma. Don’t stress too much about your major and worry more about finding what it is you want to be doing with your life. You’ll thank yourself later.

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