Food For Thought

Hello my name is Christina Castaneda I am currently attending St. Francis College (New York) working on a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Accounting with a minor in Sociology. I currently work full time at The Department of Transportation as a member of the Commissioners Correspondence Unit. My goal is to help college students turn their worst subject in school into their best and turn their old fears into their new strength!!!

The story goes as followed; there was once an old lady with her bag of lunch walking around the local hills right outside of the town which she lived. As she was walking, she found a small precious jewel; she immediately became excited because she knew that all her worries were over. She has instant change her life and started a new with this jewel that she just had found. She knew that this stone was something special.
The local beggar starts to walk up the hill, he walks right to her and ask can he have money for lunch. She say’s “I don’t have much but you can have this sandwich”, she begins to pass him the bag of food. He notices the stone in her other hand, he feel like he has nothing else to lose, so he asks her for the stone too. She said, “Yes you can have it”. The beggar takes the stone and passes back the bag of lunch to the old lady. You can tell by looking at the stone that it was worth whole lot of money. The story says that the man sat down with the stone after he left the lady and began to think how much his life can change once he trades this thing in. He made a list of all the things he can now do with his new found wealth. As he walks towards the trade shop to turn it in, he decides to turn around and go find the lady that he just met up in the hills. When he gets back to the lady, he says “You know what Ma’am, I’ve been thinking I know that this jewel is worth a lot but I want to give it back to you.”
The old lady looks at the young beggar with a strange face and he proceeded to say that “I want to give this back to you but I want something in exchange for the stone”. The old lady replies to him, “I have nothing else to give you, nothing that as valuable or worth more”. She then takes the stone back and asked the beggar “What do you want for this?” He says “Whatever is in you, to allow you, to give that to me, give me your last” This story has directly influence me, by teaching me that we determine what’s valuable, we must always be willing sacrifice and to love other like we love ourselves. Value of self and others is more valuable than material goods. Material things come and go, but our actions and what we teach can last a lifetime. I must at any time be willing to sacrifice what I have and who I am today, to receive more and become a better me tomorrow. What you sow, is what you reap, it can be good or bad. If I am good to others then they will, in return be good to me. Life is not about what you do for yourself but is truly about what you do for others while being yourself.

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