Foolproof Nail Art

If you love nail art, why not start making your own stickers? Rather than wasting time and money in a salon or trying to deal with premade stick-on decals, you can create your own. You’re able to personalize them and they are dead simple to create. So forget about trying to draw on designs with your left hand and get ready to create some seriously impressive designs.

Gathering Up the Supplies

All you need to create stick-on nail decals is a freezer bag and some nail polish. If you are serious about starting up a new hobby, you can get nail art brushes and tools at a local beauty supply store. They are inexpensive, especially compared to buying premade nail decals, but a bobby pin works just as well too. If you are thinking about making shapes, a stamper or some craft scissors can be great too.

Creating a Design

All you need to do to create nail decals is paint a design onto the freezer bag. If you are planning to cut out shapes, you can paint on one big square. If you want individual nail art stick-on decals, just draw an oval shape that is approximate the width and length of your fingernail. They are easy to cut so you are much better off to go too big than too small.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important part of designing nail decals is making sure that the polish is thick enough. You don’t need to slowly layer on coats like you do when painting your nails. You can just add a few thick swipes. Aim for something that seems about as thick as three coats of polish.

The great thing about painting designs onto freezer bags is that you don’t need to worry about mistakes too much. If your design goes ary, just start over- without having to deal with fingernail polish remover or messy fingertips!

There are countless sources of design inspiration online so start searching. Painting on a bag is much easier than painting on your nails so you can up your nail art game to the next level! Start off with simple designs like geometric patterns or hearts then work your way up to flowers and beyond. Recreating nail art can be tricky without a tutorial so start with some good step-by-step instructions and you’ll be ready to create your own styles in no time.

Timing Is Everything
Because your nail art decals with be thicker than a single coat of polish, it is best to leave them dry overnight. In the morning, you can simply pull them off the bag and stick them on your nail. Be careful though, they can tear very easily! If you are having trouble getting a decal off the plastic, simple put your finger underneath and create a slight curve under the design. You can use a tweezers to grab onto the side then gently pull it off.

Once you have freed the decal, just stick it on your nail. Apply slight pressure to get it to adhere and then just go over it with a topcoat to seal it on.

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