Foolproof Path to Perfect Nails

Keep Your Hands Clean

If you tend to get nail polish on our fingers and cuticles, plan ahead! Rather than trying to carefully apply polish, just add some white glue or petroleum jelly along your nails so that the polish doesn’t stick to your skin. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to do nail art that involves sponging or dipping your nails. With the petroleum jelly, all you need to do it wipe it off when you’re done. As a bonus, it will help hydrate your nails. If you’d prefer glue, glue dab some along your nails and peel it off when you’re done.

Enhance Your Colors

If you are going for a bold nail polish shade, add a white base coat. Typically bright colors require multiple coats but adding a coat of white underneath will speed up the process and brighten the color.

Make Your Polish Last

You can maximize your manicure by applying two layers of base coat before you polish your nails. Add on coat to the top half of your nails then let it dry. Add a second coat to create an even base. Nail polish tends to chip at the very top so this will provide extra protection.

Create Easy Nail Art

Most of us are terrible at painting with our non-dominant hands so avoid the mess! If you want to create a design, simply do it on a plastic freezer bag. Add a thick layer of polish with whatever design you want on it. It will peel off and work just like store-bought nail stickers. After you paint it on, just leave it to dry overnight and it’ll peel right off of the bag and stick onto your nail.

Make Your Own Stencils

If you are looking to do more than one shade of polish, don’t waste time trying to create perfect lines by hand. There are lots of great tricks out there for easy shapes. If you want to do a French manicure or half-moon styles, use paper hole reinforcement stickers. The sort that you use for three-ring binders are perfect and they are much cheaper than the stencils made your nails.

If you don’t have any stickers on hand, rubber hands work just as well. Just pull a rubber band around the tip of your tip of your nail then loop it around your thumb to create tension.

If you are looking to create straight lines, just add some tape! Make sure that you apply it over already dry polish then remove it right after you add a coat.

Make Your Own Shades

One of the easiest ways to make your own nail polish to add eyeshadow to clear polish. Simply add a bit of clear nail polish into a spoon then add some eyeshadow and you have a custom shade! Be careful not to pour too much because it’ll dry quickly.

Dry Your Nail In an Instant

It’s frustrating to spend all that time creating a great manicure then messing it up before it’s dry. To speed up the process, soak your fingertips in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. If you can’t deal with the cold, spray a thin coat of cooking spray over your nail to try them in an instant. Let it soak in a few minutes then wash your hands.

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