Fashion Fails

My name is Jennifer Krimsky. I’m 23 years old and a Pittsburgh native. I graduated from West Virginia University in 2013 from the Fashion Design & Merchandising Program. I was privileged enough to be one of the first UGG Australia interns in New York City. My internship ultimately landed me a career in the fashion industry where I work now in Wholesale Account Management.

I’ll make this simple you’re a freshman, upperclassmen prey on you. Take it from someone who was the bait and then eventually the prey. You’re being judged from the second mommy and daddy drop you off at the dorms. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself with the notorious freshman fashion fails.

1. The ID Lanyard; nothing screams freshman more than your university ID hanging off your neck while you’re stumbling down Frat Row. Many think that the “wristlet” is an easy “cute” replacement to your ID holder. No, ditch them both and be a classy adult. Put your ID where it belongs, in your wallet with the rest of your identification sources and credit cards.

The replacement: If you have never heard of ALDO, allow me to open your eyes to a trendy affordable store that thrives on reasonably priced accessories and awesome shoes. This simple wallet retails for $25.00. You don’t need labels to be on trend, sometimes it’s better to throw a curve ball and make them wonder “what is she wearing.” Note: Oxblood or “Bordeaux” is a great color for the fall/winter seasons and an easy switch up from the black and neutrals.

2. What to do with your room key. DO NOT PUT YOUR KEY ON A TRASHY HAIR TIE and even worse, proceed to wear it on your wrist. You’re 18 it’s time to step it up. Put your key on a simple key chain and put it in your bag. Or even easier keep it in your change zipper inside of your wallet!

3. “Year T-Shirts” this includes; High school Tees with your graduation year “Seniors 15”, “Powder Puff Champs Juniors 2014”, “Senior Trip 14 YOLO” and the shirt you will receive at your welcome weekend as freshman. It will most likely have your (expected) graduation year or the current year. Take it from me, BURN THEM ALL. #classy not #trashy


ALDO: $45.00 Note: Platform pumps are easier to walk in and a heel like this will forever be in style.

Paired with a basic blouse and some black skinny jeans, classic and works for all seasons. (H&M Blouse: $19.95)

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