Roommate Advice

By Sierra Tuthill

Your freshman year of college is definitely the most memorable year of your life. You go from having curfews, chores, and boundaries to a whirl of fun you never knew existed. This is your first step into adulthood. It is scary, exciting and thrilling all at the same time. You meet so many people, but the most important person to get to know is the dreaded roommate. Your roommate can either become your very best friend or your worst living nightmare. I am here to give you advice on how to deal with this complete stranger that you will live with for the next 180 days of your life.
First of all you need to go into this new relationship with a completely open mind. Don’t set your expectations too high because I promise you by the end of the first week you will be very disappointed. Set “roomie rules” so that your new live in BFF knows what you expect out of them and vice-versa. If you don’t make a contract then you will be the one who takes out the trash, cleans the sink and keeps the room somewhat sanitary on a daily basis. There are no moms or maids in freshman dorms so it can get trashed relatively quickly. This was my first mistake when I moved into my dorm. I am a pretty happy-go-lucky person so I thought sharing an 11X15 jail cell would be a breeze. I was sadly mistaken. While I do love my roommate, there are some things she does that make my skin crawl like no other. The first month of school she decided to purchase four fish and two hamsters to come join our small, cinder-brick cell. Not only does this make your room smell like a zoo on a hot summer day, but sometimes small rodents escape and make their way into your bed. So unless you are living in a house your first year I would recommend no pets to be at the top of your “roomie rules” list. Along with pets there might be some rowdy freshman boys visiting in your room at four in the morning on a typical Tuesday night. While this might be fun the first couple days of school, it is not fun when you are studying for finals or getting out of the shower and need to get ready. Another top lister is the outfit clepto that likes to visit your wardrobe. You forget sharing a room pretty much means you share a closet. I would frequently be searching for my new cute top to go out in only to find my roomie at the bar dancing in my new threads. While sharing is caring, stealing is not appealing. I could go on and on warning you on everything that could possibly happen, but not everything about your freshman roomie is completely horrible.
This is the person you share your first bond with. They are there for you on your bad nights and always up for pillow talk. No matter if you are complete opposites, you will share at least a few things common. My freshman roommate (while we were completely different) have stayed close friends because of all the adventures we shared. Try to go to dinner once a week and catch up on your crazy lives. It is so much easier if you remain cordial with your roommate than trash talking them and making both of your living experiences miserable. This is probably a person you will keep in contact with for the next ten years of your life so make the most of your year and create some memories. Good luck and I hope you make it out alive.

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