Freshman Year Dos and Don’ts


Taylor Morris is a full-time author living in Virginia.”


You made it to college! You’re off and on your own for the first time. Hooray! So what’s next? What will the first year be like? What should you know and look out for? Here we are again with a few tips to help you along.


Don’t act like you know it all. You just got here. We know that you ruled the school last year but this year you’re back on bottom. The classes aren’t as strict at college but a freshman is still a freshman and you will be a bit green until you get that experience under your belt. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; it just is.


Don’t think you have to go out every night. You might feel like a kid at Willy Wonka’s factory in your first few weeks but trust us: there will be other parties. There will be other chances to go out to dinner. Accept invites, by all means, but don’t feel like you have to do everything now. Besides, you’ll want to learn your schedule and what you can handle before heading out every night.


Do try things you didn’t think you could do. Now is a time to explore the inner you. Thought you could never take care of your food, finances, and laundry all on your own? Well look at you now—you can totally do it.


Don’t wrapped up in a guy. You’ll meet lots of them. You have many more years at this school to don’t tie yourself down so quickly. Give yourself time to take it all in.


Do go out and meet people in different social groups than the ones you had in high school. College is a time to explore not just who you are but to learn about people around you. Find a new interest. Discover a new way of doing something.


Don’t slack off in your classes or with your studies. Never forget that learning is why you’re here. It’s great to meet new friends and gain your independence but it’ll all be for nothing if you bomb every class. Not to mention the enormous waste of money it’ll be—money that will still have to be paid back whether you graduate or not. So make school a priority no matter what.


Do the college-y stuff like going to football games, wearing university sweatshirts, rush. Just try it all out. College is fun—way more fun than high school and 10 times more eye opening. Get the full experience and be all rah-rah.


Don’t quit. This is hard stuff you’re doing but you have to stick it out. Tell yourself you’ll try it for one year. You can do anything for one year. Then, if at the end, you still hate it, then transfer schools, go home, quit, do whatever makes you happy. But we’ll bet that by the end of the first year, you’ll have acclimated, made friends, gotten into a groove, and just might love school. So hang in there, kid.

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