Freshman year survival guide

Khepera Covelle-Youngblood is a 21-year old Junior at Delaware State University. With a major in Public Relations and minor in Marketing, Khepera strives to be a Public Affairs Specialist or Creative Director. Khepera is currently a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and The Hornet Newspaper.


1. Utilize your resources: All colleges have a library, career services, tutoring and more at your disposal. Your tuition funds these programs; Use them! Never be afraid of help, that’s what they are there for.
2. Stay Healthy/Eat Right: Coming into college, you don’t have mommy and daddy telling you what to do, this includes what to eat. The Freshman 15 is REAL and if you don’t watch what you eat, those 15 pounds will catch up to you and fast. Make sure your not abusing body, try to eat a balanced meal at least 3 times a day, and don’t consume too much off campus food/take-out. Most colleges have an on campus gym, Go sometimes, and if your not into the hardcore workouts and machines, they offer classes like Yoga and Pilates.
3. Managing Money/ Having A Job: You may be use to working your way through high school but this is college and having a job while transitioning into the college life can be very difficult. Most people have loved ones who take care of them their freshman year of college. Be mindful that it is not a steady income; learn to preserve your money for when you may really need it most. Create a budget for yourself.
4. Making Friends: You meet a hefty amount of your lifetime friends in college. Get to know people; you’ll be with them for the next four years of your life. They may just be your roommate, someone in your class, or maybe someone in an organization you decided to join but make some friends.
5. Join Organizations: College campuses have plenty of different organizations to offer you, both Extracurricular and Professional Development organizations. Depending on your major, there will be plenty opportunities to get involved in your major. Based on your interest you can join any extracurricular activities you would like. Organizations are a great way to network and make new friends while doing something you enjoy.
6. Maintain a Positive Reputation: College gives you a fresh new start. You don’t want to start off making a bad name for yourself. Try to refrain from getting involved in drama and anything that will put you in a negative light.
7. Go to Class: As cliché as it sounds, its very important that you go to class. There may be a time where you have to take an 8 am class and don’t want to get out of bed, or you might have went to bed late and really just want to sleep in. Don’t give into temptation. Missing class means missing important information.
8. Maintain Balance: It’s hard to balance, a social life and academics, especially when you don’t have your parents down your back. Don’t overwhelm yourself and not reward yourself after. Keep a good balance of both.
9. Stay Organized: Stay on top of EVERYTHING! This is college; no one is going to tell you what and whatnot to do. It’s your job to maintain everything. Keep a planner to keep up with all your assignments, deadlines and important dates.
10. Have Fun: College is what you make it. Yes, you’re there to get an education but these are also some of the most important years of your life; Enjoy It. Go to social events, go to different colleges and try new things.

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