Friends with benefits relationship

If you’re in college and horny, you might be searching for a Friends with Benefits type of situation. But, is having an FWB a good idea? Or will it backfire in the end?
Everyone knows having an FWB, or pondering having one is pretty common nowadays, hence the well known acronym FWB.
In college, an FWB is probably better than a one night stand. At least you’ll consider the friend a “friend” and it won’t be an awkward one nighter. On the other hand, a FWB type situation might get tricky. One person might get attached and feel like they want more of a commitment than the other person.
If you do go into a FWB arrangement, make sure you and your “friend” are on the same page. Go over what you think is appropriate and inappropriate. Talk about being safe, and what your ultimate goal is (how often will you see each other, how often you should be in contact with each other).
If you start having feelings for your FWB it might not be so wise to tell them. Perhaps they entered the FWB stage as strictly FWBs and want to keep it that way. Then you mention wanting more, and end up making them end your set up because they pull away.
FWBs can also work in your favor. If your “friend” was on the same track as you, and wanted more than just casual sex, then changing your status from FWB to dating status is very possible .
Either way, realize that with a sexual relationship, a female might be more inclined to get confused about what the terms are of a FWB, because to her, hooking up might be more intimate, and heartfelt, and to the guy, it may simply be sex.
Last, and certainly not least, if you do find yourself in an FWB situation, and if you and your “friend” have agreed on what your ultimate goals are, and you’re rearing to go, be sure to have safe sex. Also, know that at any time, the terms of your set up might be shifted. You might meet someone you really like, and may feel more inclined to have something built on love or at least more than an FWB.
Regardless, stick with what you want, and you’ll usually end up happy in the end.

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