From Novice to Flawless: Makeup for Beginners

If you tend to get lost in the dizzying array of products when you go shopping for makeup, take a step back. You don’t need one of everything. Take stock of what you already have then just aim to get an inventory of the essentials.

Making Your Eyes Pop
What You Need: Mascara, Eyelash Curler, Shimmery White Shadow
Optional: Colored Shadow

Generally it is best to avoid black. Just like a black dress makes your body look slimmer, black shadow and liner can make your eyes look smaller. If you want to use shadow, play with brighter shade to see what compliments your eyes. If you don’t like the bolder shades, go for browns and greys. To maximize your eyes, add a touch of shimmery white shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eye. Even if you don’t apply any other eye shadows, go for the dash of white. Make a small v-shape with the white to follow your natural inner eye curve. Before you apply mascara, use an eyelash curler. It really does make a difference! Follow up with two coats of mascara.

Creating Lush Lips
What You Need: Highlighter, Moisturizing Lipstick or Balm
Optional: Lip Liner

Never underestimate the value of highlighter! Playing with light can help you accentuate all of your best features. Add a dot of highlighter right in your cupid’s bow (between the peaks of your top lips). This will reflect light and cause your lips to look plumper. You can substitute a shimmery flesh colored shadow too. Follow up with a moisturizing lip balm or lipstick. If you really want to amp things up, finding a plumping balm. Matte lipsticks don’t reflect light so go glossy. Liner liner does make a difference in making your lips look plumper so add it when you feel like doing full makeup.

Faking Striking Cheekbones
What You Need: Highlighter and Bronzer
Optional: Blush

Use either powdered or liquid bronzer with a matte finish. Suck in your cheeks and make a fish face. While making that face, fill in the hollow areas of your checks with the bronzer. Use the highlighter to go over the apples of your cheeks. Remember, it’s better to add on than to try to take off so start with a very light coat. Check it out in natural sunlight then decide if you want to add more. When you are ready for a more elaborate technique, look at some contouring maps and use the bronzer, highlighter and blush altogether.

If you are having trouble finding the right shade of bronzer, look for foundation. Ideally, you should aim for something two shades darker than your skin and in a matte formula. Anything glittery will look unnatural.

A good foundation and eyeshadow primer can be worthwhile as well. It will create a smooth surface for apply makeup and makes your skin incredibly soft. People tend to skip them because they can be pricey and don’t make a visible difference but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. You makeup will last far longer when applied over a primer so it cuts down on touch-ups and the amount of makeup that you apply in the long run.

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