Fun summer date ideas

Alexa Johnson

Goodbye snow! Goodbye cold! Goodbye indoor dates where all we can do is snuggle because baby, it’s cold outside! OK, maybe you can still do some snuggling in the spring too, but why stay inside when the weather is nice?

Spring is the time for flowers, baby animals, new love and rekindled old love. Now that the sun is finally shining and you don’t have to grab your jacket and boots every time you step out your dorm room door, it’s time to start thinking about what fun spring dates to take your crush on. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Are you two not just lovers, but nature lovers as well? Then you really need to get out there! Head to the nearest lake or river and try canoeing or paddle boating together. Afterwards, spend time hiking a nearby mountain trail or path. The fresh air and adrenaline will really get your blood pumping and hormones sparking.

If the two of you go to school in a city rather than a town where there’s not much of a natural surrounding environment, don’t stress, there are many other fun ways to still work up a sweat with your sweetie. For example, why not just go for a run or bike ride together? Tandem bicycling anyone?

A cliché but oh-so cute date for warm weather is a picnic in the park. Pack some sandwiches, a blanket and (if you’re of legal age) champagne. If you’re lucky, maybe your local park will put on a movie on a big projector in the dark. How romantic!

Another fun idea if the two of you are older than twenty-one is to go wine-tasting. Provided there is a close vineyard, sampling exotic vino with your date is educational and romantic. Plus, you’ve just turned legal age so it’s a new experience you can share together.

Is your school located near an amusement park or boardwalk? Though the tickets can get pricy for a poor college student, it’s worth the big spending. It’s fun to feel like a kid again; riding roller coasters, eating cotton candy and competing against each other at skee-ball.

If you’re a sports fan, late spring is normally the beginning of baseball season. So catch a game together! Whether it’s for the major leagues, minor leagues, or your own university’s, you’ll enjoy spending up to three hours cheering on your team together, nibbling caramel popcorn and watching the fireworks.

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