Fun Summer Dates

Alexa Johnson

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! Time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with a cutie. There are plenty of cool (and hot) dates to be had now that it’s nice out. So grab your guy or gal and head out on one of these summer adventures…

The obvious summer date choice? The beach, of course! Grab your towels, sunscreen and boogie boards and head down the shore for some sandy fun. Don’t live near the big blue? Hopefully there’s a local lake you can do the same thing at. And if not, there are always pools! Whether you have one, your date, a mutual friend or the community does, everyone loves a sexy midnight swim.

Speaking of sand, it seems like there’s always a volleyball match going on at the beach. Make it a group date and have your coupled-up friends tag along so you can vs. each other. Losers buy the winning team milkshakes!

Summer usually brings fresh fruits and veggies. A relaxed date would be taking a stroll through the farmers market. Try all the free samples you can, then, purchase some produce and spend the rest of the afternoon mixing up your own locally-grown garden salad.

Nothing’s quite as romantic as an outdoor picnic. Or better yet – a picnic under the stars. Luckily, the weather doesn’t drop as drastically at night in the summer. So grab a quilt, some fancy snacks (try cheese, grapes and fresh bread for a true Parisian feel) and a bottle of wine. See if you can find an outdoor movie playing, too!

Remember when you were a teenager (was it that long ago…) and used to take your high school crush mini-golfing? No one’s ever too old for putt-putt. Grab your clubs and see how many holes-in-ones you can score before you completely embarrass yourself.

If you live near water, it’s an absolute must to take advantage of it! There are a million things you can do in it. Jet-skiing, boating, paddle-boarding, surfing – you name it! Take a day trip doing something adventurous like this, then, spend the evening tasting the sea on a seafood dinner date!

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