Fun Winter Dates

Alexa Johnson

Oh, the weather outside is frightful – but the dates are so delightful! Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean the fun dates need to stop acomin’. If you think about it, winter is actually the perfect time for romantic dates because the frigid outdoors force you to get closer to each other.

Add some holiday cheer to your date night by building a gingerbread house together. Have a cooking competition against each other to see who can bake and design the best Christmas cookies! You’ll see just how creative and playful your significant other can really be. Plus, you’ll enjoy some delicious sweets to eat in the end.

If you dare to venture outside, there are plenty of fun dates you can have in the snow. For example, sledding, anyone? Find the biggest hill on campus and grab your garbage can lids. If there’s a nearby skating rink (or frozen lake… if you can find a safe one) why not try ice-skating together? Sure you’ll fall and bruise a bit, but that’s all part of the fun. If either or both of you can ski or snowboard, hit the slopes (provided your university is near a resort). Teaching your girl/guy the ways of the mountain is super cute and romantic.

Check out the events calendar on your school’s website to see if any on-campus holiday concerts or sports games are going on. Surly your school’s got a basketball team. Have fun cheering your alma mater into the Final Four together. And hopefully your school’s got an a cappella group or two, so grab some piping hot cocoa and head on down to see the cheery carolers.

A lot of small towns offer horse-pulled carriage rides around the streets or nearby park. You may have to pay a small fee for this, but it’s worth it. Maybe you’ll tour through a development decked out in beautiful lights! Can you think of anything more romantic than your lover, a blanket and the stars?

Though you might not be too into it if you’re a guy, there’s always shopping to be done around the holiday season. Who better to help you scavenge for Mom’s gift from you than your girlfriend? Shopping with your partner-in-crime makes the stress of picking out presents bearable. (And if you’re the lady in this situation, now’s your chance to show your man exactly what you want for the holidays!)

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