G.E…Now? Or Later?

Katherine is a graduate from Concordia University-Irvine, California in May of 2014 with a communication studies major and course-study in psychology. She was chosen as one of the “Graduating Featured Student” by the Communication Department and a member of the Dean’s List. Currently she does freelance work. Katherine is a Deaf Interpreter at Purple Language Services, where she provides visual and tactual communication and specialized interpreting, translation, transliteration services for the Deaf community. She works at a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship accredited ranch, Moonshadow, which is the home of Special Spirit, Inc. Special Spirit provides therapeutic horseback riding and activities for people with mental, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. Katherine is the ranch assistant while working with the horses and the clients but she also has another hat, the media assistant. As the media assistant she manages the social media aspect of the organization and helps out with advertisements for any upcoming events at the ranch. Lastly, Katherine is a per diem public relations practitioner for the Special Olympics of Southern California, where she creates press releases and fact sheets about each upcoming fundraising event. Katherine participated in an internship abroad in Jamaica in the summer of 2013 that changed her life. While in Jamaica she worked for an organization called Jamaica Association of the Deaf. During her time in Jamaica, Katherine dedicated herself to projects that empowered the Deaf community by increasing education, literacy, job skills, and economic self-sufficiency. She also traveled throughout Jamaica to publicly speak to Deaf communities with the goals of motivating them to progress in life.

Katherine’s success does not only end at the organizations she works with, but it continues with her membership in various organizations. She is a member of “PSI CHI”, The International Honor Society in Psychology, “Omicron Delta Kappa” The National Leadership Honor Society, and “Phi Theta Kappa” the International Honor Society Alpha Nu Xi Chapter.

Katherine is not all about being scholarly; she also has played almost all sports at least once in her lifetime. Although the one sport that won her heart and led to 11 years of great memories is water polo. Katherine has another great passion along with sports, traveling. She is an avid traveler but admits she doesn’t travel as much as she wishes. Katherine feels that traveling gives her so many experiences that she will never get elsewhere. The cultural aspect of each destination is the most important part.

She wants to end her Bio with this quote “I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life!”

Just in case you didn’t know… 2+2=4… George Washington was the first president of the United States of America and …………the earth has a core made of two substances, an inner solid mass of iron and an outer layer of liquid volume made of an iron-nickel alloy.

Now don’t we all wish we could tell ‘y’ to stop asking us to try to find ‘x’ because it’s not coming back, or to say that WE were the first president of the United States of America, or the core of the earth is just “the core of the earth”. All of the previous stated knowledge will probably stem from your General Education classes (or maybe for some of us….grade school) but either way it is wise to get these classes crossed off your list in the first year if possible.

I will give you 5 reasons why you should take all of your required general education classes before you start exploring your major whether declared or not.

The first and most important thing is to take is an English class, creative writing or literature/poetry analysis class are the best choices if you hate reading 500 pages books. Although in reality, if you loathe writing, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but college is all about writing. If you get all the English requirements completed before you throw yourself into classes focused on your major you will definitely be more confident in your writing skills. Being confident in your writing will be a huge asset gained from your general education classes because when you need to write a 10 pages paper, it will be a walk in the park.

Second, please, for the love of God, take the required math class early in your college experience especially before you begin living life on your own. I’ve had classmates jump into renting a place with a group of friends and miscalculate their income and expenses, ultimately ending up in a temporary dorm on campus, (which is gross, they are usually the smelly and dirty ones). Please just at least learn how to add, this will help you in life, I promise. You are probably thinking, “I took math in high school and I can put off this course until later in my college career”. If you are anything like me, I absolutely hate math so I would do everything I can to get that taunting math’s face out of my face. This is achieved by taking math the first semester. You will thank me later when you don’t have to wake up from a math nightmares for the rest of your college career………..you’re welcome!

Third, as much as you think you don’t need science in your life, let’s be real here…I think people who can walk around and have the knowledge that the center of the earth is made up of two substances, are pretty darn cool. Okay, let’s be serious, physical science is probably a class you already took in high school so please don’t bore yourself again. There are usually at least 3 or 5 types of science class that you can take, guys; there is even a science-focused course at some colleges that studies the body during sex. Who am I kidding, girls, this is a great class for you as well. College is the only place that you can take classes that are interesting and still get credit for it! I took a class on piracy at my college and absolutely loved it way more than I should have. Now tell me that I won’t survive a pirate attack! I’ll tell you to walk the plank!

Fourth, the dreaded history of our existence, and no I don’t mean evolution. I mean the kind of history and philosophy that includes pilgrims, Pluto, and a couple other important people. Now, if you take all of the required history/philosophy classes you might even appear smart. Let’s say you major in communication like I did, I remember brining up Socrates in my rhetoric communication class, and let me tell you, I was the kid to hate by the peers but the student to be loved by the professor. This all happened because I remembered a random history piece from my previous classes and just threw it up to the teacher. Uhh, I want to say more but what can we really say about philosophy/history other than that it’s important and it explains where we are today.

Fifth, general education is a set of classes that is most likely NOT required for your major but is required to graduate. So the advantages of finishing your general education first definitely outweigh the cons. Who would want to be a senior and say “oh yeah I take ‘college algebra I’”…when you could totally be the cool kid and say “I’m taking ‘biochemistry of the atoms that live on the toilet seat in your dorm room.’” (Yes, please clean your toilet seat whenever you can, they can get really dirty!)

Come on, realize that finishing off your general education requirements will benefit you in the long run AND it will just make you cool, and being cool is what everyone wants to be!

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