Get an Education

My name is Andrea Montoya and I am a contributing writer for Admitopia. I graduated in January from the University of La Verne in Southern California with a B.A. in communications with an emphasis in public relations and information. I had a variety of internships throughout college and was an active member of Sigma Kappa Sorority for three years. I am currently an account coordinator for an entertainment public relations firm in Los Angeles.

Once getting accepted into college you’ll hear a lot of advice from a wide array of people. Some may have went to college some might not have. A piece of advice that stuck with me was given to me by an adult who never attended a single class in college, the idea of attending college never even crossed his mind. He said, “Go for the education not a degree”.
Might sound a little strange since your end goal is the degree. Right? Wrong. If you’re going to college you have an opportunity to be around professionals and young professionals that you can learn more than you can imagine from. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend college to have the chance to learn more in a classroom setting after high school, but you do and to get as much out of your education it means being open to soak in everything that comes with college.
You can always just take your classes and be a professional in your major, but why not expand your knowledge and not let yourself be contained to one subject? As a college student you’re positioning yourself to be a leader and teach others and your opinion will be highly respected; so why contain yourself to not be educated in as much as possible rather than just a single subject? When will you ever have this opportunity to learn from professionals in a classroom setting again?
All colleges require students to take general education courses that most people see as pointless but they’re not. They’re there for a purpose. Your university wants you to become a knowledgeable individual in a diverse range of subjects.
Those are the courses you can take advantage of without putting yourself behind to graduate. If you are a business major for example and you need a history course to meet a requirement, take advantage of that course. Pick a course you’re interested in learning about not the one that you’ve heard is the easiest with the least amount of homework. Take that course as seriously as you would any of your major classes. Don’t do the basics to pass the class or take it credit no credit in case you get too busy for that class.
Go to college for the education not your degree. Take advantage of the opportunity presented in front of you and know that it will be gone sooner than later and you won’t have the opportunity to take these courses or just learn.
Going beyond your major doesn’t have to just mean in the classroom. In college you’re never have the opportunity to join clubs, Greek organizations or student body organizations. These opportunities are ones that will pass if you if you don’t take advantage of them while they’re in front of you. If you are willing to get educated by other individuals outside of the classroom you will continue to learn in every situation. Learning from joining different clubs or organization and being around different people with different ideas or beliefs than yours will continue to expand your horizons.
Enjoy college and the different experiences that come with it. Be open minded and don’t just stay for your degree be willing to learn from everyone anyone and everything including situations. You will never have the opportunity to take a history course, math course, writing course or anything else. So when the opportunity is there for you don’t be afraid to take it. Take that course and learn from it. Go to college for the education not just a degree.

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