how to get involved in college life

Linda Foinding is currently a senior at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL majoring in Biology with a minor in International Relations. Linda is the founding president of a U.S Funds for UNICEF campus initiative at her school with the aim of educating, advocating and fundraising for the children around the world. Linda loves to travel and is aiming to find a job that will allow her to combine her Science studies with her political science interests.

YES College! You made it. So, you finally settled in this new lifestyle of going to class and hanging out with new people free of your parents, now what?

Get Involved!!!

Believe me, you haven’t lived the college life until you’ve gotten involved in a club and/or organization!

College has more to offer than just classrooms and cafeteria food, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved in something interesting and important.

Most campuses offer a full range of choices:

From the Animal welfare club, U.S. Funds for Unicef Campus Initiative, and Habitat for Humanity to the Graphic Novels Club, and Gay-Straight Alliance club.

Advantages of Getting involved:

1) It is a great resume builder! If you are looking to get a job on campus or in your campuses surroundings, being a member of several clubs is always a plus! It shows consistency, and also that you are committed to something other than your studies.

2) You might discover your true passion! Who knows? You might discover that you have a talent for humanitarian work, cooking or graphic novels!

3) It will help you get connected to your campus resources. By getting involved, you will be able to talk to fellow students and advisors that will help connect you to the school and open a few doors for you in the future.

Where to Find these Clubs?

Attend the Student involvement fair on campus. Walk around, read the posters, ask questions and sign up in at leaf 5 clubs! Go to their first few meetings and then you will discover whether you enjoy it or if that club is not for you.

If you missed the fair, go to your Campus’ Student Involvement office and tell them you are looking to get involved. They will help you connect with these clubs and help you access their website.

You don’t like any of the clubs your campus has to offer?

Start your own Cub!
It is not the end of the world if you do not click with any of the clubs on campus. You can always create one that encompases all the things that the others lacked. This will attract others that share your interests and help you all connect.

Tips for the Road!

Tip #1: Join several clubs and organizations that you can connect to, this way you will meet people that share the same values as you and make plenty of new friends!

Tip #2: Try everything at least once! College is all about trying things we are not used to doing, so get out of your comfort zone and jump right in. You can later decide that it is not for you.

Tip #3: Don’t over do it. Make sure to check your schedule to see if you have time for all this extracurricular activity. If not, stick to at least one club. Your priority should be passing your classes so if you seem overwhelmed, let the clubs go; you can always join them the following semester.

Tip #4: Have Fun! Go ahead and discover all the programs and activates your campus has to offer! You won’t be a college student forever!

Tip #5: If you do decide to create your own club, make sure you are passionate enough and will have enough time to dedicate to it. Nothing will be more frustrating than you wasting people’s time!

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