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My name is Hannah, I’m a French student specialized in PR and Marketing with a strong desire to work abroad and travel as soon as I’ll graduate next year. Speaking 3 languages and determined to start an international career I’m currently living in California, working for a Fashion PR Agency.




We all know this situation when you look for an internship and you barely get any respond to the tons of emails you sent out. Don’t get desperate and take some notes! I put together my best tips on the most important do’s and don’ts before passing along your resume.


What a great resume looks like

First of all you need to put yourself in the director’s shoes. Keep in mind that this one receives hundreds of applications and has probably no time to pay attention to all of them – that’s why you need to catch his attention in few seconds. Hard to do on paper I know but not impossible.

Instead of providing a classic black and white page try to make your resume a bit more attractive.  You can add some color for titles or create a colorful background that would underline the most important info. Be careful the point is not to make it untidy or illegible, it’s just a color touch to catch the eye.

Then you must include your most relevant experience at the top, as well as bullet points detailing out the work you did. Employers will gravitate to this first to see if you’re a fit for their position.

You can include one or two student jobs to show that you’re not afraid to work next to you studies but if your major is Economics we don’t need to know that you were a dog walker three years ago!

When moving beyond the entry and intern level position, schooling, education and GPA no longer need to be listed at the top – your experience should speak for itself.

And always, always proofread – and single spelling error can get you instantly removed from a pile of resumes!

Finally you need to check that your contact information is complete and feature at the top – we don’t want your short presentation to be messy. If the director decide to call you he needs to know straight away what’s your email address, when are you available or if you can drive for example.


You probably got it: the key words for a successful resume are readability, precision and differentiation.


What are the next steps?

Despite all your efforts to provide a clean and professional resume you didn’t get any feedback? Don’t be ashamed to reach out the person again asking if they got it, if you’re talking to the right interlocutor or if they still need someone. Maybe your application got lost or the person was not fully available and paying attention the first time. It happens!

Of course do it once – don’t go crazy harassing the company!


Don’t give up

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Sometimes sending 20 resumes is not enough but don’t give up. This is how it works, 2 replies out of 30 emails – keep you self-confidence, trust your work and it will pay off.


The physical interview

Nope the nightmare isn’t over! Once they call you back to tell you they are interested by your profile you still have to work a bit to make the dream comes true. Before the interview you must search more information about the company and prepare some questions that you’ll ask. A candidate that has no question about a company’s activities is a non-motivated candidate.

Then for the D-day try to relax and be yourself, your profile has to match with the application you provided. Show your determination and your desire to learn from them. You’re the one they need so go for it.



Now you should be all set to get the internship you’re dreaming about! Good luck!

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