Get the Most Out of Your Trip to the Salon

I am one of those people that love going to get my hair done at the salon. Actually, let me rephrase that for you. I am one of those people that REALLY LOVE getting my hair done at the salon. Some may even say I have a bit of an addiction. I find it so relaxing to go and sit in a chair and have someone transform my look. There was a time that I was going so often that all of the stylists actually knew me by name. I was showing up at least once a month wanting to get something new done. But as we all know, hair can be an expensive addiction and eventually my wallet started to moan every time I even said the word hair, so I knew I had to stop.

One thing that I can tell you is that over the years I have definitely picked up some tricks for getting the most out of a visit to the hair salon. I’ve shared them with my friends and now I am ready to dish and share them with you.

1. If you have bangs, which we all do at some point in our lives and eventually end up regretting, make sure that your stylist offers free bang trims. Never, ever, try to trim you bangs yourself. Trust me, it does not end up going well.
2. Have your cut and color on different timelines. I go in for a cut and then about a month later go back for my color. When I am in for color I mention that I need just a tiny trim and usually end up getting pretty close to a full haircut for free. This works every time.
3. Mention casually to your hairdresser that you want to try out a new product, but don’t want to pay the high price tag until you are sure it will work with your hair. Hair salons always have free samples hanging around and if you ask they are happy to share.

Tell me, are there any tricks that you use at the salon?

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