Get to Know Your Professors

They stand in front of you every class lecturing their course content and trying to keep you engaged in the material that you are supposed to be learning. Professors are amazing people and the ones that keep a university afloat and in competition with other schools in regards to the quality of education. Some professors are former doctors, current researchers or even speakers within their class subject mater. The knowledge that they have to offer you spans much greater than what they say in the classroom.
To get the most out of your education, you should really get to know at least one, if not, more of your professors.
By establishing a relationship with a professor you will gain some fantastic insight into the field that you are studying and a field that they are well versed in. You can learn about their experiences and what experiments or research they are currently doing. By getting to know them, you are giving yourself for a professor to put a name to a face in the large lecture halls or classrooms. Getting to know your professor will also keep you more engaged in class, paying closer attention to what your professor is saying because you have an understanding of where they are coming from.
Getting to know your professor is also great for potentially being someone to write you a letter of recommendation for graduate school or for a future job or internship.
Think about the classes that you have enjoyed most in a semester and visit that professor during office hours to ask a couple questions about the course material that leads into even better conversations about their area of work.
Professors are fantastic sources of information, don’t miss out on your opportunity to get to know someone who has a positive influence on you and your future career.

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