Getting a Sports Scholarship

Perfect grades and SAT/ACT scores are not the only way students get into colleges (though are still hugely important). Sometimes schools are concentrating on athletic recruiting and might offer a scholarship if the right candidate comes along.
Sports Scholarships are Hard to Come By
First off, don’t get it into your head that a sports scholarship is a sure bet just because you are an outstanding athlete. They are very few and far between. There are a lot of other talented kids out there competing for the same scholarship.
The Money Isn’t Great
There are many other scholarships out there that offer a lot more money than sports scholarships. It is a rare case indeed when a sports scholarship offers a full ride. Make sure that you keep your mind and options open and explore other scholarship as well. You just might be pleasantly surprised.
TV is Not Reality
We’ve all seen the TV shows where a sports or talent scout shows up at a high school to check out the kids there. That doesn’t really happen. Therefore it is important for you to be proactive to get the attention you need to be considered for a sports scholarship. Visit your career and college center and find out which schools are offering a scholarship for your chosen sport. Then send out emails to these schools introducing yourself and what your talent is. In the email include a link of a YouTube video of your performances. You’re parents or friends might not be thrilled that they have to sit at every one of your events and try to capture your successes on film, but it will help you to have a portfolio to show your college of choice.
Ask Your Coaches for Help
You don’t know if you don’t ask. Approach all your coaches, not just your high school ones, and ask them what they know about sports scholarship opportunities. They might have connections and might be willing to help you out by putting you in contact with the right people.

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