Getting Involved On Campus

It can be incredibly tempting to just kick back and coast through college. Afterall, you worked your butt off in high school to get there, right? You deserve to take 3 days of class and have a 4-day weekend, right? Try again. College is actually a great time to start thinking about your future and how you’ll want to present yourself when you’re looking for a job after college. Being involved in campus activities is a great way to start building up what will soon be your first resume. So during your first week of school, don’t ignore the flyers inviting you to Student Activity Day on the quad.

Student Activity Day or Quad Day as many schools call them is a day when many of the campus activities that your school has to offer, set up booths in public so that students can find out about organizations that they can join and meet the students that are in charge of them. You’ll find everything from student government and intramural sports to specialty clubs professional fraternities and spirit organizations. Fill up your backpack with flyers and information that day and really take the time to look at your options.

A great rule of thumb is to choose at least one activity that compliments your major. For example if you’re in the School of Communications, maybe join the school newspaper or radio station. Then add in a fun spirit group , just for fun as these take up minimal amounts of time. And finally if you really want to impress employers in the future, add in a leadership organization like student government or the student alumni association and you’ll have 4 years of experience that can be easily translated into experience for your first job and likely a bevy of great contacts for the future.

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