Getting Out of a Bad Relationship

It is all too common to hear of someone who stayed in an unhealthy relationship for far too long, in fact, you’ve probably been in that situation yourself at least once in your life. Perhaps this person treated you poorly or there were just numerous red flags that went up throughout the relationship showing you that this person was just not the one for you. Regardless of what it was, you ignored those signs and let the relationship last longer than it should have. The question is, why do people do this?

Fear is a big reason why people stick out unhealthy and even undesirable relationships. Many people find themselves afraid that if they end this relationship now, no matter how bad things have been, they will never find true love in their life. They start asking questions like, what if I end up alone? What if this is my only chance at a relationship and potentially a marriage? The answer to these questions should be a simple one. If this person hasn’t treated you as you deserve to be treated, then it would be far better to end up alone and happy, than in a relationship or marriage and be miserable. Do not let fear keep you from ending a bad relationship. If it’s unhealthy and if you are unhappy, get out!

Perhaps you had relationships as a child with your family or with your peers that made you feel inadequate or insecure? Maybe those past relationships make you feel undeserving of anyone better than the person you are with. These are all lies! Everyone is deserving of love and deserving of a partner that will treat them well, regardless of what your past may say about you. Let go of the past and have some respect for yourself. You deserve to be treated with love and respect, so settle for nothing less.

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