Getting Over a Break-Up

Frankly, break-ups suck. Getting over a relationship that has fallen apart takes time. You need to heal – especially if it was a long relationship or one you truly believed was going somewhere wonderful, but all the if it was a little one you didn’t know would break your heart with endin. Here are things you can do to start feeling better:

Lean on your friends and family; ask for hugs when you need them. Give yourself time to grieve and wallow, eat ice cream, watch chick flicks, call your mom, , get drunk and talk about how men are pigs. Then pull yourself up and start getting over it.

Express yourself privately – for all that talking it out may help, getting in touch with your own feelings and learning how to be alone is even better. Draw, write, sing, do whatever helps you. Listen to uplifting music; make efforts to put yourself back in a good mood.

Exercise. It’ll give you endorphins to feel good (and put you the road to looking awesome the next time you run into an ex) but don’t overdo it. Treating your body well is the goal, not beating it into submission.

Treat yourself. Give yourself good things and pats on the back, work to make your new life better than the old one. Throw yourself into your work and activities. Get your homework done, do some extracurricular stuff, start your own project. It’ll make you feel good about yourself and keep you distracted while the wounds heal.

And most importantly and above all, love yourself. Remember that being open to being loved is the best way to grow and the only way to live.

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