Getting Your Career Started

You’ve graduated college. You got through all the challenges and hardships and came out on top. Now is the time to collect your reward and land that dream job. However, college does not give you a farewell package with detailed instructions on how to do this. Intelligently navigating your career as well as you navigated your time at college is vital to success. Here are a few tips.
Rock that Resume

To be honest, before you even leave college, your resume should be rock solid already. You should have used the resources at the career center to ask experts to look over it and make sure it’s perfect. If you didn’t, all is not lost. If you are still near your college, even after graduation, you can use the career center resources.

LinkedIn Profile

This is vital. You need a fabulous LinkedIn profile. A solid resume will help with that. A professional photo will too. A photo up against your bedroom wall taken by your mom is not going to cut it. Bite the bullet and have professional headshots taken. Next join the associations on LinkedIn that have to do with your desired profession. Log on every day and be active in the association’s forums. Don’t just ask for help; try to add to the conversation. Found an awesome book about the industry? Post it. Read a great article; put the link in to share.

Networking in the Real World

The internet is not the only source to find a job. First, ask your parents friends if they know any opportunities. These people watched you grow up and have a fondness for you. They’ll help if they can. Also, don’t forget about associations in your area. Want to break into PR? Then sign up for the local PR association, get some business cards printed, and show your face. You’d be surprised how many of these people would like to hire a bright young mind like yours.

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