Detox your feet

My name is JJ and I am currently a junior at Colorado State University’s online campus. I am a Marketing student but I love to write and hope to combine my passions into a rewarding career. Balancing motherhood, school, and a job is challenging but I am learning something new every day and I hope to share my experiences through creative writing.


Walking from class to class, standing at work, driving to your friends, and exercising at the gym are just some of the ways you add mileage to your hard-working hooves. Not only do we carry a lot of weight in our feet but there are also large pores that can cling to hazardous toxins. Below are a couple ways to reverse the damage and minimize the tension in your body during life’s most hectic times.

A homemade soak and scrub kit only takes a few minutes to put together and the ingredients are affordable and easy to find. E Sea Salt, and Baking Soda can be combined to create a textured scrub that feels divine when massaged into the skin. Add simple essential oils like lavender for relaxation and peppermint for warming and pain relief.  Let your feet soak for 30 minutes while periodically scrubbing and massaging the soles, toes, heels. Dry and repeat weekly to ensure a more relaxing semester. Invite your friends over to join and make pampering a ritual!

Tension build-up is a common side effect of sitting for long periods of time. Massage Therapy can stimulate the muscles, release pressure, and increase blood circulation.  Headaches, soreness, and depression can all be prompted by poor posture and stressful situations. School, work, and family have non-stop demands and in order to keep up, self-care must be a priority. In a massage therapy clinic, you will experience a relaxing ambiance that allows you to slow down, breath, and let a professional work out any physical discomfort caused by sore muscles. Local providers offer affordable therapies and many give discounts to college students; making this therapeutic massage treatment available to those on a budget.

There is another treatment method known as Reflexology which uses pressure points on the hands and feet to heal corresponding organs throughout the body. The Chinese and Egyptians have been using variations of this technique for thousands of years. It differs from a foot massage because oils are not used in the process. Pressure is applied and based on the reflexive response; a reflexologist can pinpoint the source of illness or discomfort while also easing tension in the feet and hands. Stimulating these parts of the body will relieve anxiety and potentially provide deeper insight as to how your body is coping with stress.

When mid-terms and finals start to creep, the pressures can be overwhelming. Stress can be a factor in illness and depression so formulating a simple plan to combat the negative effects of a demanding work load can keep you out of the fetal position and on your feet; ready for anything that comes your way.

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