Benefits of joining a fraternity

Alana Keeley is a recent graduate of Iona College located in New Rochelle New York. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with a concentration in television/video. She has completed various internships with NBC Universal, WRNN-TV and Fox News. She has currently relocated to the Greater Philadelphia area and hopes to fulfill her dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist. She loves to travel, read, write and take care of her dog Duchess.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the fall season. There is a lot to look forward to, especially for college students: football games, crisp weather, leaves, pumpkin spiced lattés and of course Greek life recruitment. I have been an active member of my sorority for two and a half years and I can proudly say that this organization shaped me into the person I am today. I don’t know where I would be without these amazing group girls I am proud to call my sisters. Greek life in general gets a bad reputation across college campuses with notorious partying and hazing incidents but people tend to overlook all the positive attributes of joining a Greek affiliated organization.

Every Greek organization has their designated philanthropy. My sorority’s philanthropy was Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We held various fundraisers throughout the year and in addition we raised money and participated in other walks for certain diseases that were near to one of our sister’s hearts. I have also been involved in charities and continue to donate my time and money. Greek life has inspired me to take a more active role in charities and volunteering.

Joining Greek life has helped me create lifelong friendships. I can be a little shy before I get to know people personally and joining a sorority has helped me break out of my shell and I made friends with some people I would have never have associated with if I never joined Greek life. Through personal experience, I can attest that these friendships last through graduation and beyond. I can call any one of my sisters anytime of the day and I know that no matter what they will always be there for me.

Lifelong friendships also extend towards alumni and networking connections that might help you land the internship or job of your dreams. My sorority connects with each other on Linkedin and Facebook where we exchange information about housing and job opportunities among other things. Networking is especially important in furthering your career and what better way to start networking than with your sisters.

Greek sorority and fraternity life impacts your social life but also helps develop leadership skills and mold the college student into a upstanding adult ready to enter the real world. Greek life might not be for everyone but if you think it is, give it try! It could wind up being the best thing in your college career.

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