Go Greek?

It is a very important and personal decision whether or not to pledge a Greek organization. Some colleges and universities have a higher number of students who are in fraternities and sororities, and they may have different organizations. Additionally, some institutions have non-social Greek organizations, such as honorary or professional brotherhoods or sisterhoods, which may be a better option for those who eschew the life of being a social Greek.

Some of the pros of joining a social Greek organization are the obvious social events, the networking opportunities, the lifelong membership, friendship, and academic support. Between the mixers, “crush parties”, philanthropy events, semi-formals, and formals, a Greek member’s social calendar is always full and there’s hardly a dull moment. You meet upperclassmen of various majors, which gives you the opportunity to find out about a major you’re considering from folks who are in it. You will have people to eat dinner with or lament taking too many credits during a research semester, and perhaps they will turn into groomsmen or bridesmaids and godparents years later. Countless members of fraternities or sororities have benefited from the networking possibilities after graduating. When facing a lay-off or career change people typically look to their networks to help them get an “in” with a company or organization.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to joining Greek Life, which members are often encouraged not to talk about or even admit, which is alarming. Before going into that it is worth noting that not all Greek organizations are the same, and even different chapters of the same fraternity or sorority are different. The laws in different states and the policies at certain colleges and universities themselves may affect how Greek organizations are run. Some Greek organizations aren’t allowed to have off-campus housing, and some states have rules for how many women can live in a house, thus limiting the size of sorority houses.

In the end, the decision is yours. Follow your heart and good judgment and you will find the right path.

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