Going beyond classes

Experience and intelligence are two measures of your college experience that don’t show up on your transcripts and within your grade point average. Yes, you are definitely going to learn a lot within your classes but the grades you get on tests and papers are not a true reflection of the experience and intelligence you gain.
Experience and intelligence shape who you are as a person. Those two qualities will also prepare you for life after college in different ways than what your classes do. Through your involvement in different extra-curricular activities and student clubs or organizations, you gain experience that you don’t gain from a textbook or class. You interact with people who are different from you and if you are in an organization that is working for a good cause, you all band together to meet a common goal.
Those experiences also shape your intelligence in how you handle certain situations. This includes problem-solving skills which employers definitely enjoy hearing about during an interview. Real-world situations that you experience through clubs and organizations outside of the classroom will prepare you in some ways for life after college.
Ultimately, the more that you experience outside of your classroom, the better your college experience will be and will improve your abilities and lead to success within a future career. Study hard and get good grades while you are at it, but you can’t just stop at that. Colleges want students who are well rounded academically and outside of the classroom. You have to make the most of the time that you have in college because it will pay off in the long run.

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