Going home after graduation

With the rate that the economy has been going recently and the high amounts of student loan debt that students graduate college with, there are important choices that you must make for your post-graduation days.

Since most students find themselves with at least some amount of student-debt, weighing your living options and considering temporarily living at home, is not a bad first step to take.

This is a great first step in determining what job you want to pursue if you haven’t already secured one. By moving back home you can slow down the fast pace of college life figure out what you really want to do with your career. You have the chance to remove the distractions you had in college and really figure your goals out.

Going back home will lower your chances of getting a job that you aren’t exactly happy with or even moving to a new city and spending a lot of money on a new apartment, furniture and more to find out that you are really unhappy.

Keep looking and applying for jobs but weigh all of your options throughout the interview process and when measuring your offers. Think about all of your expenses and what your expected budget is for your personal finances and then figure out what your target salary should look like.

If you do get a job that is close to where your family is, it may be worth living at their house for a few months or so to save some money before starting out on your own. Commuting can be costly depending on how far you live from where you are working so make sure you estimate those costs and see if you would save money by living closer to where you work.

When you begin your career, there is no turning back. Take some time to figure out what you want and go after it.

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