Going Short

It seems like everyone is chopping off their long hair these days. I could go on but the list would be far too long. This past summer I sort of went for it and got my hair cut about an inch or two below my ears—that’s a lot for a girl with naturally curly hair. And I loved it! It scared me at first because it has never been that short, but then I realized how much easier it was to style, how much shorter my showers were, and how long my products with last since I could use so much less of them. I have since been growing my hair out a bit, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to having it hit below my shoulder.
If you are willing to take the plunge or even go a bit longer like myself yet still short, there are some things you should take into consideration first. Like your hair texture. Mine, for example, is very thick and pretty coarse in areas so even with long hair it can look like a bush. I would have major triangle-hair if I got a pixie cut. If you are like me, then maybe go a little longer, or just try a bob first and go shorter if your hair is actually able to handle a short cut. I thought my hair looked best long, weighed down by the length, but it is actually springier and seems happier at shorter lengths.
Talk to your stylist when you decide you want to go short so she can help you choose a style that would work best for your hair. Not all pixie cuts are the same: some have hair longer on top, some layer, some have hair all the same length. Your options increase if you decide to keep it a little longer (below the ears). Choose the right shape then select a length. You don’t want to cut it all off too hastily, or you might end up with a haircut you can’t control.
If you do decide to get the cut, you may feel like wearing more makeup as your hair used to be something you could kind of hide behind, and soon it will all be gone. This can be a blessing though—try wearing less makeup and let your true self shine through. Show that you can still be confident and no longer have to hide behind anything (hair or makeup). Don’t try to make up for the lack of hair with makeup!
Cutting your hair short, though popular lately, is still a huge demonstration of your level of confidence. It leaves you with little to hide behind. Don’t let this frighten you—let it excite you!

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