Governing The Greeks

If you choose to join a sorority, one of the biggest parts of the experience…after the parties, is the house executive board. Most houses have dozens of governing positions that keep the sorority and all of its activities up and running, but which ones are the most important and worth running for?

President – This is of course the top position in the house. Not only does that likely give you the biggest living quarters if you live in a sorority house and command of your sorority, the main point of contact for your sorority’s corporate board and you’re considered a campus leader. This position is actually quite a bit of work and responsibility, so if you’re considering this for just the title alone, this job may be more than you bargained for.

Rush Chair – Probably the 2nd most important job in the house is rush chair, as they are responsible for attracting the next generation of your sorority. In this position you are the most outward facing member of your sorority and representing your house in a classy way is important. This is actually a pretty great position as your responsibilities end after the rush process is complete for the most part. But keep in mind that this position will likely involve you having to work a bit over the summer, so if you don’t want your pool time interrupted, this may not be the job for you.

Social Chair – If you’re a total social butterfly, this is the job for you. This job involves building relationships with fraternities and other sororities as well as bars and event spaces where your house may have a party. If you’re thinking about event planning as a future, this is a great way to get your feet wet and can be a resume builder.

Philanthropy Chair – Every house has philanthropy that they support and while it usually only winds up being one or 2 events a year that involve philanthropy, this is a great opportunity for you as chair to build up your own charitable profile, which not only feels great because you’re giving back, but also looks great on a first resume.

Scholarship Chair – This can be a really tough job, especially if your house is struggling to maintain grades to remain eligible. A scholarship chair, not only arranges activities that encourage studying and rewards scholarship, but also maintains the house study files. This is a great position for any student that is considering teaching as a future career.

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