Graduation Day Dress Code

This is a day you’ll remember (and have documented in countless pictures) for the rest of your life. You’ll obviously want to look your best. Start out with squeaky clean hair, fresh make-up, light perfume and a big smile.
Next, what to wear? There are a few things you’ll want to consider for Commencement Day that are unlike any other special occasion. Let’s take a closer look at your graduation dress code.
• Dress like a grown up
You want to dress so your outfit reflects who you are: an accomplished, savvy, smart woman on her way to making a difference in this world. Forego the prom-type dresses, as well as anything super short, puffy or tight. Something sophisticated and grown up is the optimal. A knee-length sheath dress would be perfect because it’s feminine, but classy, and of course complete the look with killer shoes.
• Consider that your outfit will be covered by your robe for the ceremony
Depending on your schedule for the day, you may not have time to change before you’re on to dinner or a celebratory party. Calculate the fact that your outfit will be covered by your robe during the commencement ceremony. This means don’t choose something too poofy or wrinkle-prone. Your shoes will be the only thing people will notice (see above).
• The weather
Will your commencement be outside? In a stadium? A smaller, more intimate room? This fact alone will help dictate what outfit you should choose. A few things to consider if the ceremony is outside are your heels spiking into the soggy lawn every time you take a step, the wind whipping up your short skirt, and the humidity helping to melt your make-up off your face. Inside, you may have to contend with jacked-up air conditioning and horrible lighting.

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