Graduation Time!

All those late nights studying, all that fun you missed out on, all those student loans (ugh)…you’re about to graduate! Congratulations! Life as a real grown-up awaits you and it’s fantastic. We’d like to provide you with some pieces of advice to keep you moving in the right direction.
• Keep your part-time job while you full-time job hunt
It’s no secret that the job market is not…super healthy right now, but having said that, know that things are improving every day. However, a smart girl covers her bases. Keep your part-time (or full-time) position while you’re out pounding the pavement for your dream job. This will ensure a bit of security in the unknown.
• Save most of your monetary graduation gifts
You’re going to need a cushion. Sure, splurge a little on that killer pair of sandals you’ve been drooling over, or even something more practical, such as a new laptop. But be careful not to blow all that well-intended money. Creating a little nest egg is one smart move, college grad.
• Try not to compare your career track to others
Each path to success is unique. The surest way to unnecessary angst and discouragement is to compare your career path to others. Determine your own personal goals by writing them down and performing some soul searching. Then do everything in your power to make those dreams come true.
• Your first job might be terrible
You may not hit a homerun your first time up to the plate, but that’s okay. Learn from this negative experience by figuring out what you don’t want. This is sometimes more powerful than knowing what you do want. Keep on trying and success is right around the corner.
• Don’t lose touch with your college friends
Not only can they make you laugh like crazy, they often have contacts within your chosen career field. Nothing is more important in a network like a solid core group of friends who are looking out for each other. The support you can lend each other post-graduation is invaluable.

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