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The field of Graphic Design holds so many options.  Designers take both form and function to create a work of art and to express a message.  The opportunities out in the career-field for graphic designers are endless, and one specific area involves information sharing, whether this be through advertisement, public relations, educational purposes, or more.  For these individuals, majoring in Graphic Design with a focus on informational design is the right avenue for them.

Information design focuses on using creativity and design to educate and inform.  These designers are used in advertising firms, design studios, publishing houses or corporate communication departments.

Students are expected to master the art of in-studio visual communication, learning how to express a message through print, electronic, and film media and using different colors, illustrations, photography, animation and layout forms.  Courses will teach you the basis of theory and design but also communication because, in the end, that is the goal of this field.

These courses aim to give students the competency they need to think critically and at complex level in order to effectively express a message and clearly present information needed for that message.  Classes will teach you how to design, adapt, manage and present information through a medium that combines artistry and practicality.

An emphasis in informational design will open doors to entry-level and mid-level positions as web and mobile content designers, document managers, editors, social media creators, and freelance designers.  The need is always there as information sharing is something that is ever-needed and constantly growing as online media expands and social media formats grow and change constantly.  Having the ability to work with data and information, as well as design software and elements to create an accurate and effective portrayal of a message a company is intending to share will not only make you more marketable to potential employees but will give you the flexibility and versatility you need to make your career what you want.


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