Good conversation topics

A first date can be a difficult time to strike up interesting conversation with your date. Although it is not good to sound rehearsed or like you’ve practiced the date conversation before, it is a great idea to have a few things you can bring up and ask during the date to keep the conversation flowing.

What is the Craziest or Most Foolish Thing you’ve Done?

This could lead to the two of you sharing a great laugh together, and in the process, getting to know details about each other that will help the two of you bond. Maybe you got a crazy tattoo when you are younger that is laughable now, or maybe you spent $500 on something really stupid when you were a teenager. Whatever it may be, share it with each other.

Ask if they had Pets Growing up?

Let the conversation of animals bond the two of you. If you are both animal lovers, this will show that the two of you have something in common already. Share a story about your favorite childhood pet with each other. Maybe leave out any tragic stories, if there are any, so you do not put a damper on the mood for your first date. Stick to the happy and positive stories so the two of you stay in high-spirits.

What Would you do if you Found $100?

The answer to this simple question can tell you a lot about a person. Would you look for the owner who may have lost it? Would you give it away to a homeless man? Would you take it and claim it as your own? Would you give it to a family member? Would you use it to spend money on your date? The answer to this question can reveal a selfish nature or selfless and giving nature in a person. This is a great question to ask!

Remember, these are just guidelines for questions to ask on your date. Try not to sound rehearsed or practiced when talking to your date. Just let the conversation come naturally and enjoy the company of your date!

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